Luxurious real roses that last a whole year. . .London door to door delivery

Luxurious real roses that last a whole year. . .London door to door delivery

Our Story


 Bella Rosa Luxury Florist London

Bella Rosa is a project that came to life through an idea that was a result of a simple conversation between women. These women are just like any other – love flowers. Love looking at them, smelling them, buying and getting them. But why do they perish so soon? Why can’t we enjoy them for longer?

Those were the questions that came to our heads, and while it appeared that the solution at the time was to only buy and get potted plants, and admire other people’s gardens (because none of us had a garden), the idea of eternity roses began to surface the earth. Once we learned that it actually exists, oh boy did we come up with something. Our conversations turned into exchanging ideas, and before we knew it, we drew a detailed plan. We started designing boxes which would be so gorgeous and durable, that there would be no need for vases. We came up with a logo that would scream; beauty and class, but still.. flowers are the star.

We researched methods, suppliers and all the other boring finance/admin stuff. We sacrificed our sleep and TV catch up, because while working on Bella Rosa, we still had our regular jobs, studies and homes to take care of. And finally, we ditched the talking and started the doing.

Our Instagram was the first sign of Bella Rosa’s life. We thought that while working on the website and the finishing touches, we might as well just present our idea to the world and gain the first following. We also wanted to explain to our friends that we haven’t been antisocial, just really, really busy.

The rest of the story? You know it, and make it.

The Bella Rosa Team.