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Spring is here, fresh flowers are here!

Here at Bella Rosa, we specialize in eternity roses, it’s true. They’re amazing! (Click here if you want to find out more about them). But we also love fresh, in-season flowers that smell like crisp, fresh air and give us joy by reminding us of the fact that it doesn’t get dark at 16.00 anymore.

So, we are happy to announce that apart from amazing eternity roses, we are also introducing bouquets of beautifully arranged fresh flowers into our shop!

These bouquets are also beautifully boxed, and consist of in-season flowers.

Our newest bouquet is called The Secret Garden and is pink themed – mostly pink flowers in a pink suede box.

The only thing is though… these fresh bouquets are only available in London at this moment, but watch this space, Bella Rosa is sweeping the nation with its amazing products, so this soon may change.

The Bella Rosa team

Hello Spring, goodbye Winter

Exciting times have arrived. Although astronomical first day of Spring 2019 falls on the 20th of March, in our heads – it’s already here. We have a good reason to think that since trees are already blooming, colorful flowers are already decorating towns and cities, and 26th February 2019 was the warmest Winter day on record in the UK with some places, eg. London, reaching even 21C.

Isn’t this crazy? It seems that only yesterday we were getting ready for Winter and now it’s all over. It’s time to start losing layers of both clothing, and natural insulation (you know what we mean).

Unfortunately, winter collections don’t just involve clothing. Our Enchanted Winter Collection is a hit, and we understand – those boxes are gorgeous – but all greatest starts must know when to come off the stage, so we decided it’s time to say goodbye.

But don’t be sad. One person’s exit creates space for someone else. Once The Bella Rosa team is done with smelling those freshly grown spring flowers, we promise we’ll get back to work and create more exciting collections and events. So stay tuned for more exciting news and events from Bella Rosa in the near future. You can also admire Bridget, Natalie and Sally for the last time

Natalie Luxury Flowers

The Bella Rosa Team.

There’s always time for love

Love is a very special little thing in the life of each and every one of us. It’s a strange feeling that can either become your life goal, or make you go crazy.

There are several types of love; familiar, friendly, romantic, guest and the divine love known as Agape.

Each of these is different, causes different emotions and actions. But yet, there’s something they have in common.

They are all a pleasant feeling. We like how love feels and we want to express it.

And what’s the ultimate way of expressing love? It’s giving.

Here at Bella Rosa, we specialise in gifts that just scream ‘Love!’ that’s what our flower boxes do. Our eternity roses are sent to very lucky people, usually from someone that loves them.

Just look..

Now, don’t get us wrong. When we say giving, we don’t necessarily mean buying. Giving is not limited to handing over a material thing. Giving could also include acts, words and emotions. Very often, it involves sacrifice in some way, shape or form.

And we are all for non-material ways of showing love. But more than ‘how?’, we care about ‘when?’

A large number of people wait for special occasions to show their love. This includes Valentine’s day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. But why? Why dedicate one day a year to show how you really feel?

Instead of waiting for a day on which people expect to receive a form of affection, why not do it spontaneously and willingly?

There’s no deadline on love. You don’t have to wait until a certain date in the calendar, to tell someone how you feel, and that’s what Bella Rosa wants you to know.

Enchanting Winter Collection 2018

We are very excited to announce a launch of our winter collection.

The Enchanting Winter Collection 2018 is designed to bring all the best winter memories with all the best known winter characters – Bridget Jones, Sally Albright and Natalie from Love Actually.

We decided that if there’s one thing winter is best known for, its evenings spent relaxing and watching great movies with blankets, snacks and hot drinks.

The collection is very exclusive, so grab a box while you can.

Sally – A deep black box, filled with 14-20 blood red eternity roses, and finished with a red bow, a red hart and a gold leaf.

Enchanting Winter Collection Luxury Flower Set

Bridget A pink suede box filled with 19-30 Magenta eternity roses and finished with a pink bow.

Bridget Flowers Luxury Florist

Natalie – A deep black box filled with 14-18 red eternity roses, finished with a dark red bow.

Natalie Luxury Flowers

The season of love

Our flower boxes are a perfect addition to that perfect proposal not only because they are beautiful and flowers are an essential part of any engagement, but also because they will keep the memory alive by looking great for a long, long time.

Our Romeo and Juliet box (above) is perfect for the occasion because it just screams ‘LOVE!’ with it’s shape and red colour.

The Love Nest box (below) is also very popular because of the little drawer where you can hide the engagement ring.

Love Nest Luxury Flowers

Bella Rosa’s Love Nest box is perfect for engagements

So, if you are planning to pop the question, Bella Rosa is the right choice. You can get any of our boxes, with any flower colour, arrangement and accessories. You can ask for the box to be filled with whatever you wish, and we can even give you tips, inspiration and advice if you feel lost or stuck. Just contact us via social media, email or via our contact form and we will do everything we can to guide you and make the day special.

What are eternity roses?

Flowers are wonderful. We give them to others as a sign of love, sympathy, friendship, decorate special events with them, or simply get them to brighten up our day. Whichever way you use them, you will always agree – they are simply wonderful; smell great, look great and even purify the air.

The problem

Flowers are perishable. Flowers from special occasions are either thrown away or at best – dried, which is quite sad, and often makes us think ‘yes, they’re beautiful, but such a waste’.

More and more people began to think that way, which is why the flower industry has noticed a large decrease in popularity in the past few years. The business went to potted plants, fake plants or no plants at all, for example; some newly weds ask their guests to spend their money on things such as food for animal shelters or charities instead of flowers. It’s a wonderful idea, but what about the flowers? It would certainly be silly or even inappropriate to bring pet food or potted plants to certain occasions. Well, that’s where eternity roses come in.

The Solution

Eternity roses are 100% real flowers that have been put through a special process to make them last for a long time.

Although complicated and time consuming, this process is organic, eco-friendly and not harmful at all. They are simply wonderful and whoever invented them – hats off!

Due to the process and in essence – the difficulty of it – eternity roses are more expensive than fresh. But they are worth it because they allow the receiver to make memories last without increasing their plastic footprint or having to worry about up-keeping.

The only thing to keep in mind is that they are still flowers, so some TLC is needed. They are delicate, so please handle them softly or try not to handle them at all by leaving them in their original packaging which is usually pretty itself. Also, they don’t like direct sunlight because it makes their colour fade.

What we do

We offer show stopping flower boxes with both fresh flowers and eternity roses that come from Ecuador, which means they are naturally good quality and strong, and help the Ecuadorian economy which is so important to us.

Although we specialise in eternity roses, there is no limit as to what you can fill your gorgeous Bella Rosa box with. On our website, we offer a wide range of eternity roses, fresh flowers, handwritten notes and special messages, and even accessories such as mini message boards, bows, lace and even teddies.

We also have a special request box which customers can use to ask us to personalise their purchase. Some customers choose the multi-colour option in rose colour and ask to have them arranged in a specific way, some ask to have their boxes filled half with flowers and half with sweets. The possibilities are endless.

Up and running!

We are delighted to announce that we are officially open for business!

Our shop is now ready and we cannot wait to start sending those beautifully looking and smelling packages around the world.

You can choose from small, large, suede or smooth boxes, and fill them up with fresh flowers or eternity roses. You can ask to have your box decorated with bows, lace, confetti and even message boards. Just purchase one of the accessories before completing your flower box purchase.

Additionally, you can ask us to enclose a message to the recipient, create customised arrangements, fill the boxes with customised items and basically do anything you wish. Simply write a special request in the box provided before completing your purchase.

We are thrilled to finally be able to provide you with our gorgeous product. We worked very hard on getting everything ready. However, we are not stopping there. Keep updated by following our Instagram and Facebook page to see what’s new, what’s improved and how we are doing. You might also stumble across a few competitions and giveaways which you just cannot miss.

Thank you!

The Bella Rosa team