We are very excited to announce a launch of our winter collection.

The Enchanting Winter Collection 2018 is designed to bring all the best winter memories with all the best known winter characters – Bridget Jones, Sally Albright and Natalie from Love Actually.

We decided that if there’s one thing winter is best known for, its evenings spent relaxing and watching great movies with blankets, snacks and hot drinks.

The collection is very exclusive, so grab a box while you can.

Sally – A deep black box, filled with 14-20 blood red eternity roses, and finished with a red bow, a red hart and a gold leaf.

Enchanting Winter Collection Luxury Flower Set

Bridget A pink suede box filled with 19-30 Magenta eternity roses and finished with a pink bow.

Bridget Flowers Luxury Florist

Natalie – A deep black box filled with 14-18 red eternity roses, finished with a dark red bow.

Natalie Luxury Flowers