Exciting times have arrived. Although astronomical first day of Spring 2019 falls on the 20th of March, in our heads – it’s already here. We have a good reason to think that since trees are already blooming, colorful flowers are already decorating towns and cities, and 26th February 2019 was the warmest Winter day on record in the UK with some places, eg. London, reaching even 21C.

Isn’t this crazy? It seems that only yesterday we were getting ready for Winter and now it’s all over. It’s time to start losing layers of both clothing, and natural insulation (you know what we mean).

Unfortunately, winter collections don’t just involve clothing. Our Enchanted Winter Collection is a hit, and we understand – those boxes are gorgeous – but all greatest starts must know when to come off the stage, so we decided it’s time to say goodbye.

But don’t be sad. One person’s exit creates space for someone else. Once The Bella Rosa team is done with smelling those freshly grown spring flowers, we promise we’ll get back to work and create more exciting collections and events. So stay tuned for more exciting news and events from Bella Rosa in the near future. You can also admire Bridget, Natalie and Sally for the last time

Natalie Luxury Flowers

The Bella Rosa Team.