Love is a very special little thing in the life of each and every one of us. It’s a strange feeling that can either become your life goal, or make you go crazy.

There are several types of love; familiar, friendly, romantic, guest and the divine love known as Agape.

Each of these is different, causes different emotions and actions. But yet, there’s something they have in common.

They are all a pleasant feeling. We like how love feels and we want to express it.

And what’s the ultimate way of expressing love? It’s giving.

Here at Bella Rosa, we specialise in gifts that just scream ‘Love!’ that’s what our flower boxes do. Our eternity roses are sent to very lucky people, usually from someone that loves them.

Just look..

Now, don’t get us wrong. When we say giving, we don’t necessarily mean buying. Giving is not limited to handing over a material thing. Giving could also include acts, words and emotions. Very often, it involves sacrifice in some way, shape or form.

And we are all for non-material ways of showing love. But more than ‘how?’, we care about ‘when?’

A large number of people wait for special occasions to show their love. This includes Valentine’s day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. But why? Why dedicate one day a year to show how you really feel?

Instead of waiting for a day on which people expect to receive a form of affection, why not do it spontaneously and willingly?

There’s no deadline on love. You don’t have to wait until a certain date in the calendar, to tell someone how you feel, and that’s what Bella Rosa wants you to know.