Flowers are wonderful. We give them to others as a sign of love, sympathy, friendship, decorate special events with them, or simply get them to brighten up our day. Whichever way you use them, you will always agree – they are simply wonderful; smell great, look great and even purify the air.

The problem

Flowers are perishable. Flowers from special occasions are either thrown away or at best – dried, which is quite sad, and often makes us think ‘yes, they’re beautiful, but such a waste’.

More and more people began to think that way, which is why the flower industry has noticed a large decrease in popularity in the past few years. The business went to potted plants, fake plants or no plants at all, for example; some newly weds ask their guests to spend their money on things such as food for animal shelters or charities instead of flowers. It’s a wonderful idea, but what about the flowers? It would certainly be silly or even inappropriate to bring pet food or potted plants to certain occasions. Well, that’s where eternity roses come in.

The Solution

Eternity roses are 100% real flowers that have been put through a special process to make them last for a long time.

Although complicated and time consuming, this process is organic, eco-friendly and not harmful at all. They are simply wonderful and whoever invented them – hats off!

Due to the process and in essence – the difficulty of it – eternity roses are more expensive than fresh. But they are worth it because they allow the receiver to make memories last without increasing their plastic footprint or having to worry about up-keeping.

The only thing to keep in mind is that they are still flowers, so some TLC is needed. They are delicate, so please handle them softly or try not to handle them at all by leaving them in their original packaging which is usually pretty itself. Also, they don’t like direct sunlight because it makes their colour fade.

What we do

We offer show stopping flower boxes with both fresh flowers and eternity roses that come from Ecuador, which means they are naturally good quality and strong, and help the Ecuadorian economy which is so important to us.

Although we specialise in eternity roses, there is no limit as to what you can fill your gorgeous Bella Rosa box with. On our website, we offer a wide range of eternity roses, fresh flowers, handwritten notes and special messages, and even accessories such as mini message boards, bows, lace and even teddies.

We also have a special request box which customers can use to ask us to personalise their purchase. Some customers choose the multi-colour option in rose colour and ask to have them arranged in a specific way, some ask to have their boxes filled half with flowers and half with sweets. The possibilities are endless.